Judson Laipply, Leadership Speaker, YouTube Celebrity

Presentation Summary

The Viral Leader

The ice bucket challenge. Flash Mobs. The Chewbacca Lady. That one video of that one person doing that one thing…..What do viral movements and videos have in common with the best leaders? You’d be surprised. Some of the attributes that make things go viral are some of the same that make people great leaders. Gain insight into utilizing your resources to help ensure that you and your leadership gains momentum and is something people will talk about in a positive contagious light. Join the creator of the world’s first YouTube viral video, Judson Laipply, to learn how understanding virality can help make you a better leader.


Judson Laipply is the world’s first YouTube Celebrity. His video “The Evolution of Dance” the first video to ever hit 100 million views and held the most watched video on YouTube for 3+ years and was the the YouTube OG.

An Inspirational Comedian for the last 19 years, Judson has spoken and performed for thousands of audiences and millions of people from all walks of life. He’s been seen on The Today Show, Oprah, Ellen, America’s Got Talent, Tosh.O and more. He resides in Cleveland with his wife and is an avid Cleveland sports fan. Learn more at www.judsonlaipply.com