Daniel K. Kruse, Vice President, Business Analytics Lead, PNC Bank

Presentation Summary

Transition from Traditional Work Force Analytics to Resource Planning & Optimization

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While the “science” of workforce analytics has been a large focus over the years (especially in the manufacturing industry), the “art” of ensuring that insights are implemented, budgets are influenced, sceptics become advocates and value is sustained long term are sometimes more important than the actual modeling exercise within WFA.   

Resource Planning & Optimization focuses on the power of iterative collaboration and leveraging both quantitative and qualitative insights to drive impactful change.


Daniel is the Head of Resource Planning & Optimization for Commercial & Institutional Banking at PNC Bank.  In this role, he has leveraged his Entrepreneurial Spirit, Optimistic & Energetic Leadership as well as his expertise in Business Management, Operational Excellence, Performance Measurement, Business Analytics and Change Management to build a team and methodology that has had impressive organizational impact in a short period of time.

 Daniel attributes much of his success to building a broad base of experiences early on in his career within Engineering, Project Management, Operations Management, Sales Management, Business Analytics and Product Management/Marketing.  Additionally, graduating at the top of his class at Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business provided the spring board to starting a business in the health and fitness industry that now has over 20 employees and helps thousands of people.

Daniel would also attribute his overall passion for life to his focus on ethical living, service and family relations.

 He has spoken at conferences focused on ethical leadership as well as with the PMI Institute.  He was one of 10 MBA students chosen from top MBA programs across the nation to be part of the inaugural class of McGowan Fellows that have since created and institutionalized a robust ethics curriculum for students and provided hundreds of hours of pro-bono consulting work focused on improving our society.  He also spent years serving those less fortunate in the Philippines.