Baruch Gabo, SVP Product Development, PDWare

ResourceFirst’s Approach Towards Resource Planning Excellence

Presentation Summary

PDWare has been working hard on implementing new features for the ResourceFirst platform to be released by the end of the year. In this session we will review some of our new features. Did I just hear mobile time tracking?



Baruch Gabo has been with PDWare since his graduation from Columbia University, with a double major in computer science and mathematics. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional and has taught Microsoft .Net Framework certification classes at DCIC Business Institute, while completing his undergraduate studies. While at Columbia University, Baruch worked on connected battlefield command systems, augmented reality, 3d user interfaces, and encryption algorithm employing knot theory. He led the development of PDWare iTeam, PDWare Integration Engine, and interfaces connecting PDWare products to other PPM, HR and financial systems. An avid gamer, he’ll always welcome a Settlers of Catan game, or playing his level 80 night-elf warrior in World of Warcraft.