Peter Heinrich, CEO, PDWare

Presentation Summary

Getting the Most Value From Your PDWare Investment: Process Best Practices and Fundamentals

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Join Peter Heinrich, CEO of PDWare, as he demonstrates the core principles behind being successful with PDWare (or any resource planning software for that matter). Process best practices and fundamentals will be explored, as well as specific features and functions that support the process.


Peter Heinrich has a long history in technology product development and management. He co-founded PDWare with Paul Samarel in 2001 to provide high-value, low-overhead resource planning software to support operational decisions and improve resource and project portfolio productivity. During his 20-year career with Xerox, he managed the group that developed the original Star Workstation functional specification and later played key roles in program management and planning process design. In 1989 he co-founded Integrated Project Systems (later called IPS Associates) where he created the IPS portfolio management practice. Based on his experience with corporations large and small, Peter designed the portfolio resource planning and management process that is instantiated in PDWare’s products. Peter has a BA in philosophy from the University of California, Los Angeles.