Kip Leggett, Director, Program Management, Maxwell Technologies

Panel Discussion Questions (Strategy)

Panel Discussion Questions (Strategy)

Panel Discussion Questions (Execution)

Panel Discussion Questions (Execution)

Not Available.   Video of Panel Discussion 1 and 2 to Come.

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Video of Panel Discussion 1 and 2 to Come.

Panel Discussion Summary

The panels addressed the following topics: The Strategic Value of Resource Planning, Portfolio Management, and the PMO; The Challenges of initiating and implementing a comprehensive Resource Planning Process. Our panelists, provided insight gained through their experiences with resource planning in a very challenging global business environment. We anticipate lively discussions that will enhance the Summit experience. The panel is moderated by Frank P. Saladis, Summit Master of Ceremonies.



Kip Leggett, is the Director of Program Management at Maxwell Technologies, a global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing energy storage and power delivery solutions for automotive, heavy transportation, renewable energy, backup power, wireless communications and industrial and consumer electronics applications. He has been instrumental in establishing Maxwell's Program Management Office, creating job requirements, while hiring and managing staff of program managers to lead cutting-edge technical development programs in the energy storage industry. Kip has instituted a product life cycle (PLC) policy to ensure a more standard, consistent process for managing, reporting and meeting new product introduction objectives. His key areas of focus are around driving implementation of corporate portfolio prioritization and resource management processes. 

Prior to Maxwell Technologies, Kip worked as the Director of Programs for Qualcomm for over 17 years. Creating strategies and conducting technical feasibility studies for successful roll-out of new wireless communications products, enhancing security ecosystems for transportation and logistics markets, and developing product price structures for various product lines with ROI projections on project delivery. He is an experienced leader, who has managed engineering teams, operational teams and software/hardware systems development teams across various programs and locations. 

A graduate of San Diego State University, Kip served in the US Air Force and has spent time in Japan. In his spare time he is a martial arts instructor in the San Diego area, teaching Kyokoshin Karate and Tai Chi.