David Hayter, Filmmaker, Dark Hero Studios, Screenwriter, X-Men and Watchmen

Presentation Summary

Creating a Team: Fantasy vs. Reality

David Hayter is the screenwriter for multiple big-budget blockbusters, including two X-MEN films, the Watchmen, and more. He’s also an actor, voice actor, and feature film director.

In this lively and fascinating keynote presentation, David will start by showing the big, team-uniting climactic scene from the first X-Men movie, illustrating what's involved in building an effective team in order to achieve your desired results. Supporting that, he’ll share behind-the-scenes stories of how the film was developed, and how the on-screen team came together.

Team-building lessons from the film industry will also be explored, as he reveals stories of the real world development of the team of filmmakers, actors and executives that successfully made the movie—all amid the enormous pressure, insanity and difficulties of working within the highly collaborative, but desperately difficult structure of a big budget, major studio film.

This will be a highly entertaining presentation with practical takeaways, as the team-building issues for super-heroes and filmmakers alike are relatable to the struggles encountered daily by teams in the business world.


Born in Santa Monica, California, David Hayter spent the first eighteen  years of his life traveling the world while picking up the Japanese and French languages.  After graduating from high school in Kobe, Japan,  Hayter went on to study theatre at the prestigious Ryerson Theatre School in Toronto.

A seminal figure in the 21st century wave of comic-book cinema, David Hayter’s films have amassed over one billion dollars in Worldwide Box Office.  His screenwriting credits include the feature films, “X-Men”, “The Scorpion King” and “X2 : X-Men United”.  He also penned the script  “Watchmen”, directed by Zack Snyder for Warner Bros. Studios.

As a producer, he created the film “Burn” with Bryan Singer, and the pilot episode of “Lost in Oz, for Warner Bros. Television. 

As an actor, his credits include the lead in the sci-fi film “Guyver: Dark Hero”, the voice of Captain America on the “Spiderman” animated series as well as a decade-long stint in the role of Solid Snake in the hugely popular ”Metal Gear Solid” video game franchise. He has also voiced King Shark for “The Flash”.

David directed his first feature film, WOLVES with Jasona Momoa, in 2014.

David is repped by the United Talent Agency, Fourth Wall Management and attorney David Feldman.