Gary De Rodriguez, CEO, Peopleistic LLC USA

Presentation Summary - The Missing Piece to Aligning Portfolio Decisions to Resources

Presentation Summary - The Missing Piece to Aligning Portfolio Decisions to Resources

The Missing Piece to Aligning Portfolio Decisions to Resources

Presentation Summary

The portfolio management process gives organizations the foresight to identify potential risks and put the necessary measures in place. Perhaps the most difficult to measure and predict are team performance and engagement. Within this presentation you will learn systems for minimizing the risk of the disengagement factor in teams, with systems for increasing performance and accountability. The objective is to increase team productivity and bandwidth so a predictable and consistent amount of work can be accomplished, minimizing the risk of inconsistent human performance.



Recognized as an internationally acclaimed expert in the science of human
excellence and known as the People Mechanic, Gary De Rodriguez has over a 30
year career in designing and integrating the most effective models of psychologybased
systems of success in leadership, human behavior, communication, and
team dynamics.

He is the CEO of Peopleistic LLC USA, Academic Director of the Business Education
Institute, and a Research Fellow of the Institute of Mind and Behavioral Sciences,
and Executive Director of Leadership Development for Wisdom for Warriors. Gary
works primarily between the USA and Asia Pacific offices. He has trained his
unique trainings across the United States, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.
He has held the position of CEO for organizations such as Life Design International
Academy of Coaching and Evolution Trainings LLC. as well as principle in the Leader
in U Academy. He is a published author on the topic of Humanistic Business and is
consider an expert internationally on the subject of team engagement.

He has privately coached over 11,500 people worldwide and is internationally
recognized as the go to person for personal and professional breakthroughs.
Recognized for his cutting edge leadership trainings and the ability to instil value
and motivation in teams, Gary has focused his career upon the human aspects of
organizational development.

His emphasis is upon the importance of leadership, thinking and problem solving
strategies, time management, entrepreneurial development, people intelligence,
communication, and the investment in human equity.

His strategies for developing self leadership has been utilized in working with our
Veteran population and organizations such as Shell Oil, Kuwait Petroleum, Élan
Pharmaceuticals, McGraw Hill Publishing, State of Nevada Board of Education, Los
Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, TDK Corporation, Pacific Care Health
Systems, American Chamber of Commerce, Competitive Foods, Edith Cowen
University, San Diego State University, Pharmacy 777, Briscoe Search and
Consulting, MLS Inc., Memec Corporation,, Regional land Services
of Western Australia, and many more, as well as psychologists, entrepreneurs,
corporate executives, team leaders and managers. Success comes from
understanding the functional dynamics of emotion and behavior and it’s
translation to human performance. Gary is a trainer of trainers in awakening and
actualizing the human potential.

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