Resource Planning Summit Comments

Speaker Evaluations

“Perfect Summary of the reason we are all here!”
“Love the insights”
“Loved his passion. Kept us involved. Great info”
“Awesome Presenter”
“Energetic & Passionate”
“Compelling Presentation”
“Solid, practical &actionable advice”
“LOVE IT!! Thank you for expressing my thoughts so precisely”
“I thought Todd was fantastic! Good message. Awesome messenger. He would be good at every conference!”
“This one should have lasted longer”
“I feel energized to use this information”
“Fantastic! Lots of Notes”
“Amazing. Great insight into the future of PM”
“Like hearing from Moses! Dr. K clearly has great insights into the future and presents it well”
“Excellent real use studies”
“Very helpful! Great to see the components necessary for a successful resource planning effort”
“Thank you for the reality check”
“Helpful to hear candid guidance”
“Enjoyable, entertaining, chock full of critical ideas”
“Tells it like it is. And very funny”
“Does not pull punches”
“Amazing person! Outstanding!”
“Excellent choice! I could go on with more and more high praise adjectives. ..But you get the point”
“Completely awesome! Fascinating, inspiring, educational and entertaining. This guy rocks!”
“Wish it could go on longer”


“Good to hear some real-world experiences”
“Nice to hear from those in the trenches”

Event Night

“Police escort down Bourbon Street. Are you kidding me?!? I will not forget this night for a long time!”


“Best conference ever! FUN FUN FUN & even educational!
“Excellent Networking Opportunities &Valuable Speakers”
“I was at every one. This one was the best. I will be at every one.”

Comments received by email post conference

“What a wonderful conference!”
“Great conference . . . very insightful and also funJ
“That was one hell of a conference you guys put on!!!! Wow! Legendary! From the excellent speaker quality and content to the family that developed, to the great social life that you created, it was first rate the whole way.”