Resource Planning Summit (RPS) 7, Austin, TX.

RPS 7 took place in Austin, TX at the historical Driskill Hotel, at the intersection of Brazos and 6th Street. Our event kicked off with an Austin Detours' tour of The Treaty Oak Distillery and our event night at Maggie Mae's on 6th Street.  There was plenty of BBQ and fun had by all.  This year's keynote speakers Frank Saladis, Alan Mallory and Brian Binnie, helped us set the stage for "Reaching New Heights in Resource Planning". Joined by other experts in the industry such as Donna Fitzgerald, Rick Morris, Ken Dobie, Ruth Fitzgerald, and Andrew Tarvin. Our panelists Kip Leggett, Virgil Howard, Taylor Dubois and Ted Parafinczuk were instrumental in discussing strategy and execution of resource planning with the audience. Filled with networking events, the conference was definitely full of excitement and FUN. As Paul Samarel stated during his presentation, it is our sincerest hope that people had Fun, filled with Useful knowledge and lots of Networking. 

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Highlights from RPS 2017, 7th Annual Resource Planning Summit in Austin, TX

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Resource Planning Summit (RPS) 6, New York City, NY

RPS 6 took place in New York City, NY aboard The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum with our event night held at 620 Loft & Garden overlooking Rockefeller Center.  Speakers at RPS 2016, our 6th summit, included Peter Heinrich, Frank Saladis, Stephen Shapiro, Bill Stewart, Anthony "AB" Bourke, Kevin Martin and Michael Parrish Dudell to name a few. Some of the greatest minds around resource management, leadership and business operations were gathered in NY to network, discuss and sharpen their skills on resource management, demand management, capacity planning and PMO intelligence.

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Highlights from RPS 2016, 6th Annual Resource Planning Summit in New York, NY

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Resource Planning Summit (RPS)

Resource Planning Summit is the premier event for promoting the concepts and knowledge of Resource Management, Capacity Planning and Demand Management, and how all these functions apply to Project Portfolio Management (PPM).   The Summit is a meeting of the minds for industry experts, companies and first line managers seeking to share their knowledge and network with other like minded professionals. 

Often Resource Management initiatives fail because the software or process is too complex. Tackling a Capacity Planning problem with a detailed task level PPM solution is often overkill, while trying to balance your portfolio with a home-grown Excel spreadsheet will be too cumbersome.  Come share in the thought leadership, networking and the small wins that add up to big victories. 

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Highlights from RPS 2014, 5th Resource Planning Summit in New Orleans, LA


Resource Planning Summit Comments

Speaker Evaluations

Perfect Summary of the reason we are all here!
Loved his passion. Kept us involved. Great info.
Solid practical & actionable advice. Good to hear real world experiences
Wish it could go longer
Superb, very helpful! Great to see the components necessary for a successful resource planning effort
— Anonymous
Amazing. Great insight into the future of project management and resources planning strategies
Tells it like it is. And very funny!
Excellent choice! I could go on with more and more high praise adjectives... But you get the point
Love the insights
Thank you for the reality check
I feel energized to use this information


“Police escort down Bourbon Street. Are you kidding me?!? I will not forget this night for a long time!”
“Best conference ever! FUN FUN FUN & even educational!
“Excellent Networking Opportunities &Valuable Speakers”
“That was one hell of a conference you guys put on!!!! Wow! Legendary! From the excellent speaker quality and content to the family that developed, to the great social life that you created, it was first rate the whole way.”