Rick A. Morris, President, R2 Consulting, LLC

  Resource Management Keys to Successfully Managing Millennials

Resource Management Keys to Successfully Managing Millennials

Resource Management Keys to Successfully Managing Millennials

Presentation Summary

What do we do with Millennials? A question that I hear more and more as projects and technology become more advanced and deadlines grow shorter. In every industry there is a key problem: too many projects and not enough people. In addition, the workforce is changing bringing new ways of thinking and new methodologies. Change is happening faster than ever before and this forces organizations to adapt on every front. Rick will share what he is seeing as success markers in managing these ever changing forces and key strategies you can deploy immediately to begin to harness change for the positive!



It seems that one of the toughest issues for companies today is to understand how to innovate without impacting their bottom line.  Unfortunately, many organizations do not fully understand the current capabilities of their existing workforce to tap in to their potential as well as maximize their efficiencies.  The companies have employed the latest strategies, hired consultants, and even invested in software to no avail.

Join us for an interactive discussion featuring industry thought leader Rick Morris, Owner / President of R2 Consulting.  In this session, Rick will discuss findings from the latest research, and discuss the challenges that the many industry executives face.  Insightful for executives and business leaders at all levels, Rick will demonstrate how to begin to realize where these issues may reside and how to leverage some of the existing investments – from team members to the highest level of an organization.  

This thought-provoking session will challenge your existing theories, provide new ways to view practices, and immediately be able to put suggestions to work.  All of this will be delivered with the humor and passion that is making Rick a household name in worldwide speaking events.